52 years of tradition in our family restaurant.

Along the Adriatic Road, on the sea in Zaton Mali, 7 kilometers west of Dubrovnik sits restaurant Gverovic – Orsan. It is housed in a genuine, ancient orsan (Italian name meaning boat house). Built centuries ago of rough, hand carved and cut into the hillside like a cave, Orsan was once the private storage place for small pleasure boats of a wealthy Renaissance nobleman.

The Gverović family snatched it from the teeth of time in order to deliver it to the discerning tastes of those acquainted with gastronomic delights, and transforming it into a temple of excellent repast. The restaurant opend its doors in 1966, and since than it has been known as the place which provides the best quality seafood in Dubrovnik area.


Gverovic-Orsan’s terrace where you can sit, eat and touch the sea of the beautiful Zaton Bay

With pleasant music, delicious food, and reasonable prices will make you remember Gverovic-Orsan forever!